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  " For you to experience the intimate love of God, it is vital that you understand the difference(s) between law and grace."  

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Are You Under Law Or Under Grace? Being Free To Love God DAILY

Christians sincerely love the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet, many often become burdened down with trials and sins.  They try their best to live the Christian life, but wind up failing and becoming overwhelmed.  These types of Christians experience what living under law is like.  You do your best for Jesus giving it all you got and flop.

The Christian life is not lived under law, but under grace.  Jesus does not want you to give it all you got.  He wants to give you all He’s got.  This is why it is called grace.  The Christian life is all Jesus - all the time.

Enjoy your reading as you experience this intimate love Jesus has for you a life under grace.

Sample Preview

I am sure your eyes opened wider when you saw the title of this book.  Your thoughts are probably similar to other readers when they also first saw the title.  Some thoughts may even be different.  Either way, your interest has been perked.  I only ask you to be patient with me as I explain, under the Holy Spirit’s direction, the significant difference between law and grace, between living the Christian life under the law and living the Christian life under grace.
Law and grace may be an unfamiliar term to many people.  But, I assure you, you will be convinced that law and grace is central to how one lives the Christian life.  The keys are why and how is one motivated to live the Christian life.  Does the law of God motivate you or does the grace of God motivate you?  Or maybe it is a combination of both?  Law and grace goes directly to the core/source of the Christian life.  For you to experience the intimate love of God, it is vital that you understand the difference(s) between law and grace.
In this book, we will examine closely what God’s Word (the Bible) says about law and grace.  And God’s Word does say much.  We will look at many Bible verses (not all of them) that speak about law and grace.  Most of our studies will be from the New Testament.  We will look at Jesus’ own words. 

We will look at the early church, in the Acts Of The Apostles, and see how it responded to the conflict between law and grace.  Also, we will examine many of the apostle Paul’s epistles (letters) to see what he wrote about law and grace.  Paul wrote so much that some of his letters (Romans and Galatians) speak frequently about it.  Galatians, in fact, was written primarily because of this conflict.  We will also take an intensive look at legalism.  Legalism believes in salvation by grace, but emphasizes that one must now keep the law and commandments to make oneself acceptable to God.  And, finally, we will take an extensive look at the book of Hebrews where the author explains very effectively the difference between Old Covenant law and New Covenant grace.  In the end, and this is very important, all glory and life only goes to Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished for us through His death and resurrection.

As you read, remember that THE FOCUS OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS ONLY TO BE JESUS CHRIST.  The Christian life does not get much simpler than Jesus. Remember also that law and grace depends on how one is motivated to live the Christian life. You must remember this often.

May the deep love and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you.

Enjoy your reading.

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